Taking over the DPO Function

Taking over the DPO Function

Outsourcing of the data protection officer (DPO) function is a form of taking over the responsibilities related to personal data protection, proven to be effective and accepted by the supervisory authority. It allows to adjust our services precisely to specifics and current needs of organisation, including its budget.

Our solutions reach beyond the common contractor–customer relation. We believe in partnership and we offer you a wide range of possibilities to support your personal data processing. We develop and implement solutions which give measurable effects. In our work, we are focused on goals.

The advantages of takeover of DPO role by us:

  • focus on the business goals,
  • access to expert knowledge on personal data protection,
  • ongoing service and the monitoring of data processing,
  • cost rationalisation.

Among others, the following clients used our services in this scope:

ISA role takeover includes:

  • conducting yearly compliance audits concluded with a report and a set of recommendations,
  • developing, updating and ensuring the implementation of personal data processing policies and procedures,
  • supervision over the compliance and monitoring the legal environment for changes in the provisions on personal data protection,
  • serving as a contact point for the supervisory authority,
  • support in case of personal data protection breach, including an ad hoc audit,
  • issuing professional legal advices in the field of personal data protection,
  • periodical training of employees in the area of personal data protection,
  • preparation of clauses, terms and conditions and other documents concerning the personal data protection,
  • preparation and negotiation of controller-processor contracts,
  • answering data subject questions and requests concerning the processing of their personal data, and the exercise of their rights under the GDPR,
  • checking, whether your processors provide sufficient guarantees of compliance with data protection laws,
  • informing and advising you and your employees on obligations pursuant to the GDPR and to other data protection laws,
  • answering to all questions or doubts about personal data protection in your organisation.

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