Personal Data Administrator or Data Protection Officer support
i.e. consultancy service

Wsparcie Administratora bezpieczeństwa informacji lub Administratora danych osobowych

Consisting in active assistance to fulfill Personal Data Administrator (PDA) or Data Protection Officer (DPO) duties.

PDA or DPO support - includes:

  • ongoing assessment of compliance of personal data protection system with law and current situation,
  • consultancy and issuing opinions in the area of personal data protection,
  • assistance with contacts with „the supervisory authority”,
  • assistance in managing authorizations to process personal data,
  • assistance in keeping and updating the register of people authorized to process personal data,
  • issuing opinions on the provision of documents containing personal data,
  • assistance with external entities on the entrustment of personal data,
  • support in correspondence with „the supervisory authority”,
  • issuing opinions on documents (in Polish) and on proper performance of information obligation related to personal data protection (relevant clauses in documents issued by various organizational units),
  • monthly trainings via e-learning or a video conference in the field of personal data protection for employees,
  • support in supervision of ongoing activities related to personal data processing,
  • participation in „the supervisory authority” control.

Among others, the following clients used our services in this scope:

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